Wednesday, 26 November 2014

meets Andreas Deja !!

So I finally got to meet THE person who is responsible for all this.. Andreas Deja.. a true inspiration and one of THE best animators out there, who has such a deep passion for his craft like noone else, that anyone working in Engineering can just throw away their jobs and walk blindly into animation.. It was amazing to see him in person..and I hope I didn't overwhelm him with my excitement. I am sure that at some points, he was a bit nervous if I might just put him in a sack and take him home :D haha but hopefully he realized I just love characters and performance so much.. I wanted to talk in my Scar voice and freak him out but I decided not to.. Next time ;) ;) Here he is talking about Mike Gabriel's Lorenzo and tons of other things to my never-ending questions!!

John Tucker @ CTNX 2014

Now this is the FAMOUS model John Tucker. Almost every artist in LA or Burbank must have drawn him atleast once, and a personal favourite for all the professionals including Mike Mattesi, Mark McDonnell, David Pimentel, David Colman and so many others. When I told him he has fans in India and that we all have heard about him or read about him in atleast one book,  the man cried and hugged me 10 times. :D Fantastic model I must say!!