Friday, 11 November 2016

GOING TO CTN WOOT!!! as an exhibitor! Thank you DISNEY

This is such a wonderful gift that I certainly had not expected !! Thank you Disney!
I had been trying to gather funds to buy tickets for CTN this year and just got the news that Disney is offering me a free table and it's a true blessing.. I'm really honored to receive this.
Do come visit at Table 509 right next to the Disney booth! :)
See you soon!!

Back to life drawing

My experience at DreamWorks had been really great, I learned a lot the past many months and I noticed an overall change in how I look at things. It's always hard to keep that balance of digging deep for more knowledge but not losing things you already had in your drawings. I'm definitely trying out some new ideas in this piece which are different from my normal mode of drawing.